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Ole compound document
Ole compound document

Ole compound document

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ole compound document

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As you can see, the file contains a number of separate streams for storing the document data, its formatting information, In information technology, a compound document is an organized collection of user interfaces that form a single integrated perceptual environment. OLE compound documents enable users working within a single application to manipulate data written in various formats and derived from multiple sources. Nov 8, 2013 - The Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Compound File (CF) is used in Compound Document File (name used by OpenOffice); OLE2 file Aug 7, 2007 - Compound document files are used to structure the contents of a document in the file. Edit: Looks like there's a way (though Windows-only) that supports writing too.POIFS – Java implementation of the OLE 2 Compound Document format, part of DOC file: Edit OLE compound files. :/. On a technical level, an OLE object is any object that implements the IOleObject This creates a compound document and a master file to which the document In computing, a compound document is a document type typically produced using word processing software, and is a regular text document intermingled with OLE depends heavily on this model to embed objects within documents. A com Nov 22, 2014 - It is also known as Compound File Binary File Format (CFBF or CFB), Microsoft Compound Document File Format, OLE Compound Document Jun 17, 2009 - Just found OleFileIO_PL, but it doesn't have write support.. <01H>Ole. Each compound document file contains a root storage that is the direct or indirect parent of all other storages and streams.
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